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Big-Bullet-SQR.gif The beautifully, sunny, warm climate of our region brings with it a matter of concern- the harmful effects of sun exposure, "the dark side of the sun", which when addressed appropriately, can be prevented. Here too, the Israel Cancer Association (ICA) invests many resources to focus on this area of prevention:


bul3 The Skin Cancer Awareness Campaign has been marked for over two decades with the aim of increasing awareness of the importance of protecting oneself against the harmful effects of the sun and promoting early diagnosis of melanoma. 


bul3 This campaign has placed an emphasis on educating the public in all that concerns avoiding sun exposure at dangerous hours, as well as taking safety precautions for 'sun smart' exposure and raising awareness of the importance of early detection.  


bul3 As part of Awareness Month, the ICA launches a public information campaign and distributes informational materials at military bases, schools, and other locations, and is at the disposal of the general population, offering a national network of about 300 screening booths staffed by dermatologists and plastic surgeons of all healthcare funds across Israel.   


bul3 Thousands of Israelis took part in the campaign this year, and many made appointments for skin examinations throughout the year.  Up-to-date facts and figures relating to the disease were reported in a press release, and new research studies and other related topics were also presented. 


Miri Ziv, ICA Director General: " This is the largest campaign that has been conducted in the health system, which combines forces in a unique way for the benefit of public health in Israel. This is a longtime tradition which significantly contributes to heighten awareness of the importance of potentially life-saving early detection."


Big-Bullet-SQR.gif Dr. Lital Keinan-Boker, Director of the National Cancer Registry and the Center for Disease Control of the Ministry of Health presented up-to-date statistics in anticipation of 2013 Skin Cancer Awareness Month:


bul3 While globally speaking, an increase in malignant melanoma incidence has been reported, conversely, in Israel, stability in invasive melanoma incidence rates has been observed among the Jewish population, over the past decade, with the exception of a slight increase over the past year.


bul3 Over the past two years, there has been a slight decrease in the incidence of in situ melanoma among the Jewish population. The upward trend in the incidence of melanoma in situ since 1992, the year in which ICA initiated public information activity in this area, indicates an increase in early detection of the disease, which in turn enables higher cure rates.


bul3 The mortality rates for melanoma among the Jewish population dropped over the past decade, both among men and among women. The trends in melanoma mortality rates since 1992, the year in which ICA commenced initiated activity to promote early detection of the disease, indicate stability among males, and a 32% decrease among Jewish females.


bul3 According to global cancer statistics 2008 issued by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of the World Health Organization (WHO), Israel ranked 18th in the incidence of invasive melanoma, after Australia, Scandinavia, countries in Western Europe, and the United States.


bul3 There has been an upward trend in 5-year relative survival rates for melanoma. The survival rate rose to 85.8% among men and 89.7% among women.

Skin Cancer Awareness

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