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Multi-Disciplinary Treatment for Childhood Cancer

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Big-Bullet-SQR.gif About 28,000 Israelis are diagnosed with cancer, 300 of whom are children up to the age of 14. 


bul3 In Israel, there are currently about 200,000 cancer patients undergoing treatment or follow up.


bul3 Thanks to the promotion of research and the emphasis on improved early detection and treatment, there has been a considerable increase in the cure rate, which currently stands at approximately 90%. Patients' quality of life has also been significantly enhanced.


bul3 Children and young people who have cancer evoke unique feelings in all of us. The tremendous strides in medical sciences in general, and in pediatric oncology in particular over the past decade, have induced a considerable change in life expectancy among children who suffer from different types of cancers. 


bul3 These children receive multi-disciplinary treatment which combines surgical treatment, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.


bul3 This professional treatment provided to a child who has cancer and their families, places tremendous demands on the social welfare and health systems. This challenge is thought provoking and spurs attempts to create a set of interventions.   


bul3 As the number of children who are cured increases, there arises the need for long-term follow up of these children, coupled with support for re-integration into healthy society.


Big-Bullet-SQR.gif ICA runs a comprehensive support and services network for children who have cancer and their families, including enhancement of treatment modalities and inpatient care in oncology institutes; ICA funds posts for special personnel who provide the children with medical attention and direct assistance, conduct diverse welfare activities, and more. 

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