Cancer Donation

ICA's Targets

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Big-Bullet-SQR.gif ICA's target is to reduce cancer mortality and morbidity.

Big-Bullet-SQR.gif Activities to achieve this end:


bul3 Funding and promoting cancer research.


bul3 Implementing cancer prevention and early detection programs and running an information network for the general public and professionals.

bul3 Assisting in the upgrade of medical and rehabilitation services at oncology centers, in patients' homes and within the community, for those recovering from the disease and their families.


bul3 Assistance in the establishment and operation of treatment and welfare centers, and admission to hospitals.


bul3 Promoting patients' rights and enhancing their quality of life.


bul3 Distributing reliable information available in Hebrew, Arabic and Russian to the healthy population, patients, and survivors.


bul3 Providing professional training to multi-disciplinary medical staff, and regularly updating their medical education.

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