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The late Suzy Eban


The late Suzy Eban is the Founding President of the Israel Cancer Association, who transformed a small group of volunteers into the largest volunteer organization in Israel with a proud record of achievement, winning widespread recognition, both nationally and internationally, as a leader in Israel's fight against cancer.

Suzy began her involvement with the Israel Cancer Association in 1952 and officially became its President in 1959, serving with determination and dedication until her retirement in 1998, after a very active presidency and a wide range of achievements.

Being the wife of the late Abba Eban, UN Ambassador and later Israel's Foreign Minister, Suzy wisely used her name, her status and her personal relations in Israel and worldwide to her advantage by addressing herself to key people in the business, medical and economic world, and thanks to her persistence and dedication, the Israel Cancer Association eventually became the spearhead in Israel's fight against cancer.

When Suzy was appointed President of the Israel Cancer Association, she wasted no time, and started to raise significant funds from friends living abroad. This enabled the establishment of Friends’ Groups in various countries. Many resources were raised to facilitate the establishment of programs and oncological centers throughout the country for the welfare of cancer patients.

In 1999, Suzy was awarded the “President's Award for the Volunteer" for the years 1998-1999, by the National Council of Volunteerism in Israel, for her exemplary volunteer leadership and for the establishment and development of the Israel Cancer Association which she led for 40 years.

In recognition of her activities, Suzy was also awarded the “The Shield of the Ministry of Health for Outstanding Volunteers”.

To her very last day, her ICA-related activity was the most meaningful endeavor in which she participated on behalf of her country and its people, for the wellbeing of cancer patients and the healthy population.

Her unique and active contribution to the State and to Israeli society at large in all its diversity, until her 90th birthday, will forever be in our hearts and fondly remembered.

The late Mrs. Suzy Eban