Cancer Donation

The ICA invests tremendous efforts and huge resources to reduce cancer morbidity and mortality by making up-to-date cancer-related information available to the general public, particularly, with regard to prevention and early detection of prevalent cancers such as breast cancer, colorectal cancer and prostate cancer; prevention of the harmful effects of smoking, mitigating the harmful effects of sun exposure and promoting early detection of skin cancer; promoting proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. 

PreventionEfforts to implement early detection programs
Healthy LifestyleICA's guidelines & tips for a healthy lifestyle
World Cancer DayPlacing cancer on the international agenda
World No Tobacco DayDiscover more about World No Tobacco Day
Prevention - GENErationHow to reduce the risk of breast or ovarian cancer
Smoking PreventionICA's activity for smoking prevention
Public Service AnnouncementsICA's PSA on early detection & prevention
Personalized Information for the PatientLatest information on scientific research papers on cancer
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