Cancer Donation
Facts about Children & Cancer300-400 patients are diagnosed each year in Israel
Cancer & its MisconceptionsExplanations & myths about cancer
Bone Marrow TransplantsFinancing professional posts for bone marrow transplants
Interdisciplinary Care TeamsTraining of multidisciplinary care teams for patients
National Protocol for LeukemiaFinancial aid to manage data on kids with A.L.L
Treatment for Childhood CancerSupport & services network for kids with cancer
Grief Support GroupFor parents dealing with the loss of a child
Hope for Life ProjectTutors to child cancer patients absent from school
Family Vacation ProjectA vacation held for families with a child with cancer
A Computer For Every ChildICA provides computers for children with cancer
Young Adults ProjectsSupportive community for young adult cancer survivors
Give Kids the WorldFamily vacation to Orlando for advanced-stage patients
ICA's IMPACT ProjectBursary for former soldiers volunteering with patients
ICA's SHAHAK ProjectIntegration of students into the cancer support system
Children's Hospice ServiceProvides palliative care to young patients & families
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