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Running Together to Fight against Cancer at the Jerusalem Marathon 2019
15/03/2019 10:17:29

How many kilometers must we run to fight cancer?

When was the last time you saved a life?

There are many reasons who you should join our Israel Cancer Association running team and run with us at the Jerusalem Marathon: Health, personal challenge, the experience of a sports event or simply for the fun of it.

The Israel Cancer Association offers you an upgrade of your experience by combing the gift of giving in order to raise awareness of cancer diseases, improve the lives of patients and survivors and support research and discovery of cancer cures. 


The Israel Cancer Association’s Running Team courtesy of:

Bank Mizrahi-Tefahot

מזרחי טפחות


How to Do it?

On Friday, March 15th 2019, the Jerusalem Marathon will take place, and the Israel Cancer Association invites you make your run that much more empowering by running to save lives.

You can sign up to run with us in any one of the marathon’s tracks (full marathon, half marathon, 10 Km or 5 Km) and even create a personal fundraising page (a matter of minutes) with your personal pledge, along with a picture and/or video, and a fundraising target you would like to reach. The page should be shared on social networks and among friends, acquaintances and relatives, in Israel and abroad, who will support the pledge you have taken on yourself – and contribute to your twofold personal effort – completing the marathon and raising the funds.

You can create your pledge page and encourage friends and relatives to support and contribute to the fight against cancer even if you choose not to run the marathon.

Your contribution will help us improve the lives of patients and their families and fund researches that will promote the fight against cancer.

All participants who register through us for one of the marathon tracks, shall receive a group discount in the registration fee and a colorful Dri-FIT shirt with the association’s logo.

To open a personal fundraising pledge page – contact us


How to Register for the Jerusalem Marathon?

You can register for all marathon tracks (full marathon, half marathon, 10 Km or 5 Km competitive and non-competitive) through us by calling 03-5721603

Have a Question?

We are here for you.

Call: 03-5721603


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