Construction & Equipment



The ICA assists in the establishment, renovation and operation of oncology departments in medical centers across the country. The ICA assists medical centers and oncology institutes in purchasing innovative, state-of-the-art equipment and offers help with trading old medical equipment for a more modern, sophisticated one

Sourasky Medical Center, Tel-Aviv: 

  • Upgrade of the Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Department 

In 2007, the ICA-funded assistance enabled the upgrade of the Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Department at Aoursaky medical center in Tel-Aviv.

Rabin Medical Center, Beilinson Campus, Petach Tikva:

  • The late Dr. Israel (Rolly) Yovel Clinic for Cancer Survivors 

In early March 2013, the late Dr. Israel (Rolly) Yovel Clinic for Cancer Survivors at the Davidoff Cancer Center at Rabin Medical Center was inaugurated in collaboration with the ICA. It was established upon the initiative and under the direction of Prof. Ofer Spielberg.


The clinic is currently overseen by Dr. Opher Caspi, and is a pioneer clinic in survivorship care.  A visit to the clinic once a year ensures long-term monitoring, continuity of care and follow-up for survivors who were treated at the Davidoff Cancer Center.  


This treatment focuses on the physical, psycho-social and nutritional monitoring of survivors, under the mentorship and guidance of a highly skilled multi-professional staff, funded by the generous donation of Mrs. Judith Yovel-Recanati, wife of the late Dr. Israel Yovel. 


Dr. Israel Yovel was a dedicated physician, well-loved by patients and friends.  He was a man of values, who had giving and volunteering as his guiding principles.  He bravely fought cancer and chose to lend his assistance in the establishment of a clinic for survivors.  The munificent donation provided by Mrs. Judith Yovel-Recanati, the late Dr. Yovel's wife, has helped make his dream become a reality.


  • The Integrative Medicine Unit for Cancer Patients, Davidoff Cancer Treatment and Research Center


In June 2013, the inauguration of the Integrative Unit for Cancer Patients at Rabin Medical Center took place in the presence of the medical center heads and ICA Vice Chair Miri Ziv

The ICA assisted in funding and establishing the Integrative Unit for Cancer Patients headed by Dr. Opher Caspi at Rabin Medical Center. The donation funds, which were bequeathed in memory of the late Fanny Turkel and the late Robert Turkel, help the staff fund research and continuing education programs on cancer-related topics. 


Wolfson Medical Center, Holon: 

  • Dr. Francine Robinson Palliative Care Room at the Emergency Medicine Department

In July 2018, the Dr. Francine Robinson Palliative Care Room in the Intensive Care Unit of Wolfson Medical Center was inaugurated thanks to a donation from Stello Robinson, the late Dr. Robinson’s husband, via the ICA, who, apart from securing its construction and equipment also ensured job slots for a palliative care nurse and a social worker.  

Allocating a separate room in the Emergency Dept. for oncology patients is an innovative model geared towards providing specialized treatment for advanced-stage cancer patients who require different care from the moment they are admitted to the hospital. This new service provides unique medical treatment, combined with psycho-social support.

The inauguration was attended by Dr. Anat Angel, Director-General of Wolfson Medical Center, Miri Ziv, ICA Vice Chair, and relatives and friends of the Robinson family.

  • Clinic for Computer-aided Mapping and Monitoring of Moles 

The ICA provided financial assistance in establishing a Clinic for Mapping and Monitoring of Moles at the Wolfson Medical Center in Holon. Moles are diagnosed using digital photography.  The cilnic, which uses digital photogrpahy to diagnose moles, was initiated by Yona Alon, Chairperson of the ICA Holon Branch and Dr. Oscar Herman, Director of the Plastic Surgery Unit at Wolfson Medical Center, who is also the Director of the clinic.  A personal contribution was provided by ICA Vice Chairman, Mr. Leon Recanati, in memory of Oren Ziv of blessed memory.


Rambam Medical Center, Haifa:


  • Erna Feist Alsace Day Care Unit at at the Ruth Rappaport Children's Hospital

The ICA approved significnat funding for the construction of the Day Care Unit for children with cancer in memory of the late Erna Feist-Alsace, which began operating at the Pediatric Hematology Oncology Dept. in the new Ruth Rappaport Children's Hospital of the Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa, under the direction of Prof. Myriam Ben-Arush. The Unit's inauguration ceremony took place in February 2015.

  • Baruch (Ben Haim) Hershkovitz Oncology Day Care Unit

As part of the ICA's activity to enhance treatment services provided to patients, it assisted in the establishment of the Baruch (Ben Haim) Hershkovitz Oncology Day Care Unit, and financed its equipment and operating costs through the late Baruch (Ben Haim) Hershkovitz Estate. The Day Care Unit (chemotherapy, medicinal therapy, biological therapy) was established in Baruch Hershkovitz’s memory with the aim of upgrading the treatments and well-being of patients residing in Haifa and the vicinity.

  • The New Joseph Fishman Oncology Center at Rambam Medical Center

In late July 2016, the inauguration of the new ICA-assisted Joseph Fishman Oncology Center at Rambam medical Center was held in the presence of the hospital management, representatives of the donors and the ICA.

As part of ICA's activity to enhance treatment quality, the ICA assisted in establishing this unit, providing its equipment and setting up its operation.

The new Day Care Unit (chemotherapy, medicinal therapy and biological therapy), which operates at the new center, aims to upgrade treatment and enhance the well-being of patients residing in Haifa and the northern region of Israel.

The Italian (Holy Family) Hospital, Haifa:

  • New Radiation Therapy Unit at the Italian (Holy Family) Hospital

In June 2016, the inauguration of the Radiation Therapy Unit at the Italian (Holy Family) Hospital in Haifa was held in the presence of Italy's Ambassador to Israel, Francesco Talo, Vatican representative, Archbishop Marcuzzo, former ICA Chairman, Prof. Eliezer Robinson,  ICA Vice Chair Miri Ziv, and other senior officials of Haifa Municipality and Bnai Zion Medical Center.

The Radiation Therapy Unit at the Oncology Dept. of the Italian Hospital in Haifa boasts innovative equipment amounting to a total of 3 million shekels, and helps treat members of all healthcare funds who reside in Haifa and the northern region of Israel.

Holy Family Hospital, Nazareth:

  • Renovation of the Breast Health Center at the Holy Family Hospital in Nazareth

The end of June 2013 saw a gala ceremony marking the renovation of the Breast Health Center at the Holy Family Hospital in Nazareth, first established in 2003, with the assistance of the ICA. The Center underwent renovations and was equipped with a modern digital mammography system purchased by the hospital with ICA assistance. Attending the ceremony were Ramiz Jaraisy, then Mayor of Nazareth, Ibrahim Harbaji, Medical Director of the Holy Family Hospital, ICA Vice Chair Miri Ziv, Faten Ghattas, ICA Activity Director in Arab Society, Friends of the Holy Family Hospital, donors and numerous guests.

Western Galilee Medical Center, Nahariya:

  • New Miryam (Mori) Bourkis Oncology Outpatient Institute at the Western Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya

In October 2013, the new Institute in memory of the late Miryam (Mori) Bourkis was inaugurated at a gala ceremony attended by the Bourkis family, the institute staff headed by Dr. Hadassah Goldberg, Dr. Menachem Ben Shachar, Director of the Oncology Dept. Dr. Massad Barhum, Director General of the Western Galilee Medical Center, and former ICA Chairman Prof. Eliezer Robinson. The old Oncology Outpatient Institute was transferred to this new and spacious building, which aside from medical services, also encompasses additional services for the benefit of cancer patients, such as social and psychological services and a hair salon.

  • Purchase of a colonoscopy machine for the Gastroenterology Institute

The purchase of the new machine was made possible thanks to the donation of the Bismuth family, in memory of their late father, George Bismuth, may his memory be for a blessing.

Poriya Medical Center, Tiberias:

  • Renovation of the Oncology Institute equipment and furniture

ICA provided financial assistance for the purchase of new furniture for the comfort of the patients during treatments at the Oncology Institute of Poriya Medical Center. The purchase was made possible thanks to a donation from the Stuczinski Foundation.

HaEmek Medical Center, Afula:

  • Digital Mammography Device purchased for the New Comprehensive Breast Health Center

In June 2016, ICA provided financial assistance for the purchase of a Digital Mammography Device – a 3D imaging technique for the detection of breast cancer using tomosynthesis, for the new Comprehensive Breast Health Center at HaEmek Medical Center. The purchase was made possible thanks to a donation from the Stuczinski Foundation.

Rebecca Sieff (Ziv) Medical Center, Safed:

  • New Radiation Institute staff at the Ziv Medical Center

The ICA approved funding for the employment of a social worker at the new Radiation Institute inaugurated in June 2017.

  • Expansion of the Suzy Eban Oncology Unit at Rebecca Sieff Medical Center in Safed through the Clore Foundation


The late Mrs. Suzy Eban, Founding President of the ICA, unveiled the dedication plaque of the new wing dedicated in her name at the Oncology Dept. at Sieff Medical Center, established through the Clore Israel Foundation. There was an urgent need to expand the unit due to the increase in the number of patients in the Oncology Dept. at Sieff Medical Center.


Since the expansion, the number of patients has increased from 350 to 480 patients a month. The gala ceremony was attended by the late Mrs. Suzy Eban, Founding President of the ICA, and representatives of the Clore Foundation donors: Chairperson of the Foundation: Dame Vivien Duffield, Foundation Director, Mrs. Tamar Galai-Gat, Sir David Sieff, Mrs. Kay Weinberger, Mr. Alan Sacks, Mrs. Caroline Deletre and Mrs. Miri Ziv, ICA Vice Chairman.  Attendees representing the Sieff Medical Center: Mr. Meir Moskovitch, Chairman of the Friends of the Sieff Medical Center, Dr. Oscar Ambon, Director of the Sieff Medical Center, Dr. Calin Shapira, Deputy Director General of the Sieff Medical Center, Prof. Jamal Zidan, Director of the Oncology Unit, Mrs. Rachel Moriya, Nursing Director, and Dr. Anthony Lauder - Pediatric Ward Director.


Meir Medical Center, Kfar Saba:


  • Assistance in purchasing software and photography equipment for a pigmentary skin lesions detection clinic

The ICA approved financial assistance for the purchase of the operating software and imaging technology for the Plastic Surgery Unit, operated by a skilled staff, trained in implementing dermascopy tests and in documenting pigmentary skin lesions and pre-cancerous melanomas, under the direction of Prof. Shalom Avshalom, a specialist in plastic and cosmetic surgery, burns and microsurgery. 

  • The Nancy Reuben Comprehensive Breast Health Center

    The Nancy Reuben Comprehensive Breast Health Center was established thanks to the generous donation of David and Simon Reuben and families from London, along with proceeds from the fundraising event organized by the Friends of the ICA in London, headed by the energetic Mrs. Vered Aaron.


    The center was established in order to streamline and gather all breast health-related services under one roof. The center offers early detection, counseling and treatment for the disease provided by a multidisciplinary staff.


    The Nancy Reuben Comprehensive Breast Health Center was inaugurated in March 2005, in the presence of the President's wife, David and Simon Reuben families from London and Israel, Mr. Benny Gaon, ICA former President, Prof. Eliezer Robinson, ICA Former Chairman, Ms. Ruth Shitrit, Chair of Foreign Relations and Miri Ziv, ICA Vice Chairman. Representing the Clalit Health Services were: Dr. Eiran Halperin, Deputy Director of the Hospital Division, Dr. Ehud Davidson, Hospital Director, and the Meir Medical Center staff.


Lin Medical Center, Haifa:


  • Assistance in establishing an Interdisciplinary Center for Head and Neck Surgical Oncology 

The ICA assisted the Lin Medical Center in Haifa in setting up the Interdisciplinary Center for Head and Neck Surgical Oncology. The Center, headed by Prof. Ilana Duek, boasts a staff consisting of experts specializing in head and neck oncology and surgical oncology, serving all residents of northern Israel, from Hadera to the Golan Heights.

Barzilai Medical Center, Ashkelon:

  • New Mammography Workstation purchased for the Imaging Institute at Barzilai Medical Center 

A new work station was purchased for the Imaging Institute, to enhance the efficacy and level of diagnosis of patients' screenings. The ICA also provided financing for the establishment and equipage of the Mammography Institute, which conducts cancer screening tests, diagnostic mammograms and breast biopsies, using an advanced digital x-ray system. 

Kaplan Medical Center, Rehovot:

  • The Sarah Markovich Breast Care Center 


The Sarah Markovich Breast Care Center was inaugurated in October 2009 at the Kaplan Medical Center in memory of the late Sarah Markovich's children who perished in the Holocaust, Micki and Shimon Slepter, of blessed memory. 

This is a comprehensive professional center providing high quality treatment, medical service, accompaniment and personal support from the moment the patient is diagnosed until all treatments and rehabilitation processes are completed.


The Breast Care Center was inaugurated at a gala ceremony in the presence of Prof. Yaakov Yahav, Director of the Kaplan Medical Center, Advocate Ruth Slepter, the Executive of the Estate of Sara Markovich of blessed memory and Miri Ziv, ICA Vice Chairman. 

Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer:


  • Assistance with the establishment of a Multidisciplinary Oncology Department with six specialized clinic

The ICA aid was made possible thanks to the generous donation received from Ms. Linda Kaminow of Florida. The entire wing was dedicated exclusively in memory of Ms. Kaminow's beloved parents, Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt, two of the founding members of ICA-USA, and includes a Breast Cancer Treatment Center in memory of Lois Rosenblatt and a Lung Cancer Clinic in memory of Irwin Selevan.

  • A new and unique Laughter Room established for the welfare of children with cancer

Thanks to ICA funding, this laughter room established at the Hemato-oncology Complex enables children to enter a world of sheer adventure, a true celebration of the senses. The Laughter Room was made possible through the donation of the Bronstein Dora and Chernia Antel Estate. 

Yoseftal Medical Center, Eilat:  

  • Purchase of US Device for the Breast Imaging Institute at Yoseftal Medical Center

In January 2018, the new ICA-funded US device for the new Breast Imaging was unveiled at a ceremony attended by Dr. Eldar Berkowitz, Director of Yoseftal Medical Center, Miri Ziv, former ICA Director-General, and the institute staff. The US device supplements mammography screening, if the radiologist decides that an additional imaging is required.


  • Yisrael Yaakov and Laila Alter "Strong Together®" Support Center and the Yitzhak Kukia Jerusalem Branch Offices


Thanks to funding from the estate of Yisrael Yaakov and Laila Alter of blessed memory, a new building was inaugurated that will serve as the ICA branch in Jerusalem and as a Support Center for Patients and their Families who reside in the Jerusalem area.


  • The Emanuel G. Rosenblatt Wellness Community Activity and Support Center at Rosenfeld House in Haifa 

The ICA-funded center is geared towards activities and support for cancer patients and their families and hosts diverse support groups:

  • A Coping Group for the main caregivers who accompany the cancer patient throughout the stages of the disease.

  • A Support Group for relatives experiencing loss and bereavement, to help participants part ways with their loved ones and continue with life's routine.

  • A unique holistic body-mind coping group for patients including the study of holistic skills such as: meditation, relaxation, chi kong, movement and breathing techniques, guided imagery, positive coping thoughts and art-mediated strategies.


The Center holds diverse workshops such as:

  • Bibliotherapy, consisting of various writing exercises, helps participants release inner emotions.

  • Movement and dance therapy, conducted on an individual basis or in a group.

  • Coaching for cancer survivors.

  • Emotional Freedom Therapy techniques.

  • "Focusing" workshop skills.

  • Laughter Yoga.

  • A traditional Reiki 1 course opened, as well as a healthy cooking workshop, Yoga, Feldenkrais, Pilates, and applied arts workshops continue to run on a weekly basis.


  • The Wellness Community Center is operated by ICA


It uses a new unique support technique that offers lectures, support groups and comprehensive workshops for patients, survivors and their families.  


Kindly contact us, should you wish to contribute to this project. All donations received are transferred in full (no overhead is taken), and hospitals are forbidden to deduct any overhead costs from contributions transferred to them by ICA. 

  • Lili Biller Lev

Committees and Projects Director


Telephone: +972-3-571.95.74