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Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving


Workplace Giving allows both employer and employee the opportunity to help defeat cancer. This is a chance for corporations to support a vital cause. 

  • One way for the work place to support ICA is for employees to give directly to ICA from their pay check and the employer can match funds donated by the staff.


  • This donation will automatically be deducted from the payroll, making the organization eligible for a tax deduction.

  • Taking part in workplace giving encourages both staff and employers to commit to supporting urgent causes of the community.


  • One can also expand this to its shareholders; offering them the additinoal option of donating to the Israel Cancer Association .


Kindly contact us, should you wish to contribute to this project. Please note that all donations received are transferred in full (no overhead is taken).


Big-Bullet-SQR.gif Lili Biller Lev

Committees and Projects Manager


Telephone: +972-3-571.95.74