About Us

The Beginnings of ICA


ICA was established in 1952, as a professional organization representing health professionals who treat cancer patients

After a few years of working in a small setting, it was decided that this disease could not be effectively combatted without the close collaboration of the general public. Citizens from all strata of society partnered with the ICA. Public leaders and top medical experts of the time sat on the ICA Executive Board. 


Among the Executive Committee heading the ICA at the time and who received patronage from then President of the State of Israel, Mr. Yitzhak Ben Zvi, were: Mrs. Shoshana (Suzy) Eban, Prof. Berenblum, Prof. Trainin, Prof. Robinson, Prof. Shanon, Dr. Hirsh, Mr. Israeli and Mrs. Ada Kimchi.


Mrs. Ada Kimchi and Dr. Hirsh contacted the American Cancer Society (ACS) in the United States. The ACS invited them to an international conference, gave them an outline of their activities, and provided them with a great deal of resources. 


When they returned to Israel, they understood that in order to establish a local organization, they had to work with leading local professionals, and once they had established a professional foundation they could approach public figures to seek their help to promote the Association. 


Dr. Hirsh, Prof. Berenblum, Prof. Treinin and Mrs. Ada Kamchi formed the Executive Committee at the outset. They were then joined by Mr. Israeli of Leumi Bank who was in charge of finances. They decided that they would cover all the expenses.


The professionals comprising the committees maintained very strong global professional ties and traveled to conferences to learn from internationally acquired experience.