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The ICA Kiryat Tivon Branch held a unique event for primary school children
09/06/2014 09:51:17

As part of our continuing efforts to expand ICA's public information activity in the community, the Kiryat Tivon Branch held a unique event for primary school children. 

As part of this noteworthy initiative, Mrs. Neta Elias, who served as ICA's Public Information and Education Coordinator for many years, and who is currently teaching 3rd grade, has volunteered to launch a unique school event, in the form of a "sun smart ceremony". 

The children played a key role in the ceremony, delivering the message to the entire student body, in a creative and didactic manner, under the unique direction of Neta - who is still a vital asset to the ICA and acts as a goodwill ambassador, constantly promoting the ICA's noteworthy activity in her teaching post. 

Similarly, during the week of the ceremony, lectures on the harmful effects of smoking were delivered to 6th graders attending the same school, to help them prepare effective strategies to deal with the dangers of summer. 

ICA Branch of Kiryat Tivon

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