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Consulting Services on Sexuality

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Big-Bullet-SQR.gif ICA provides consulting services on subjects such as physical image and sexuality for female and male cancer patients and their families:  


bul3 The service includes information on the implications cancer may have on sexuality, physical image, and fertility, as well as consultation on treatment modalities, regaining sexual function and referral to additional professional specialists. This service is provided free of charge.

bul3 Sexuality workshops that discuss difficulties, attitudes and myths concerning sexuality and cancer, impart relevant knowledge, and present therapeutic options, are also organized.


bul3 Despite the sensitivity of the subject, body image and coping with treatment intervention are dealt with pragmatically. Promoting and heightening awareness is helpful and essential.

bul3 Another innovative project, "The Heart has no Wrinkles", provides sexual body image and fertility counseling for patients and their partners.


Big-Bullet-SQR.gif Kindly contact us, should you wish to contribute to this project. Please note that all donations received are transferred in full (no overhead is taken).


Big-Bullet-SQR.gif Lili Lev Biller

Committees and Projects Coordinator



Telephone: +972-3-571.95.74


Consulting on Sexuality
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