For the Patients
Cancer Patients' Rights

Patients' Rights


Big-Bullet-SQR.gif At the forefront of the fight for patients' rights, ICA serves as an advocate and "watchdog" for improved health services, keeps the public informed and safeguards its interests:

bul3 ICA continually lobbies and advocates for increased government “health basket" allocations for new medicines and treatments, and it helps patients cut through red tape in their dealings with the National Insurance Institute bureaucracy.


bul3 ICA initiates and promotes legislation to enhance patients' rights, such as prohibiting discrimination based on genetic testing, etc.

bul3 Aware of the serious need to consolidate and update information regarding the rights of cancer patients, the critically ill and disabled, ICA approached the relevant institutions to gather the necessary data and also received permission from the Research and Planning Administration of the National Insurance Institute to use information that appears in its recently updated booklet, “The Rights of the Handicapped and Disabled in Israel”.


bul3 Click here to visit the website of Kolzchut (All-Rights in English) which is an inter-organizational, collaborative, non-profit project aiming to help the citizens of Israel to realize their rights in all fields.