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ICA's Structure

Executive Board


Executive Board

ICA Honorary President and Nobel Prize
Prof. A. Ciechanover  
ICA Chair, Oncologist, Radiotherapist Prof. A. Kute  
Former Chair, Oncologist Prof. E. Robinson
ICA Vice Chair; Public Figure Mr. L. Recanati 
 ICA Vice Chair, Medical Sociologist, former Director General  Mrs. Miri Ziv
Oncologist, Pediatric Hematology-Oncology  Prof. Myriam Ben-Arush
Scientist, Israel Prize Laureate, former Chair of the ICA Research Committee Prof. Y. Yarden*
Surgeon-Oncologist   Prof. Y. Klausner
Public figure   M. Matalon, Esq. 
Internist, Hematologist Prof. M. Mittleman  
Public figure   Mr. Z. Neta
Scientist   Prof. B. Rager


Executive Committee

Prof. A. Ciechanover   ICA Honorary President and Nobel Prize Laureate  
Prof. E. Robinson   ICA Chair; Oncologist 
Mr. L. Recanati   ICA Vice-Chair; Public figure  
Ms. R. Sheetrit   Public figure  
Dr. Y. Alkelai  ICA Advisor on Early Detection of Skin Cancer, Dermatologist
Prof. E. Azizi   Dermatologist  
Dr. Y. Blachar   Former IMA Chair
Dr. M. Barhoum   Director of the Galilee Medical Center   
Prof. M. Ben-Arush   Director, Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Division and Deputy Director, Ruth Ruth Rappaport Children's Hospital, Rambam Health Care Campus
Prof. D. Ben-Yehuda   Faculty of Medicine Dean, Hebrew University, Hematologist, Hadassah Medical Center  
Dr. R. Berger   Oncologist, Sheba Medical Center  
Prof. B. Brenner   Oncologist, Davidoff - Rabin Medical Center  
Prof. R. Catane Oncologist, Sheba Medical Center, Shaare Zedek Medical Center  
Prof. Y. Cohen   Oncologist  
Dr. M. Dor   Chief Medical Advisor, Ministry of Health  
Prof. R. Epelbaum Oncologist, Rambam Health Care Campus
Prof. M. Gutman   Surgeon, Sheba Medical Center  
Prof. M. Inbar   Oncologist
Prof. A. Israeli   Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Health  
 Prof. J. Klausner Surgeon, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center  
Prof. S. Lavi   Research Scientist  
Prof. S. Lelchuk       Surgeon  
Prof. M. Mittleman   Internist, Hematologist
Mr. Z. Neta   Public figure  
Prof. G. Rechavi   Hematologist, Sheba Medical Center  
Prof. G. Rennert   ICA Advisor on Epidemiology and
Cancer Control, Epidemiologist
Dr. M. Rimon   Surgeon, Holy Family Hospital ("Italian Hospital")   
Prof. V. Rotter    Research Scientist  
Prof. U. Seligsohn   Hematologist  
Mr. M. Sheetrit Former MK and Minister
Prof. Y. Sheinfeld   Internist, Sheba Medical Center
Prof. M. Schlesinger   Scientist  
Prof. S. Schneebaum   Former Chair, Israel Society of Breast Diseases, Surgeon
Prof. M. Shani   Health policy specialist, Gertner Institute
Dr. M. Shteiner  Oncology, Lin Clinic  
Prof. Y. Skornik   Surgeon  
Prof. S. Slavin   Hematologist  
Prof. H. Tabenkin Family medicine 
Prof.Y.Weitz   Research Scientist
Prof. I. Wolf   Oncologist, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center
Prof. Y. Yarden   Research Scientist, Weizmann Institute, Israel Prize Laureate, former Chair of the ICA Research Committee
Prof. Y. Yitzhak Radiologist  
Dr. S. Zarka   Director of Ziv Medical Center, Safed  
Prof. J. Zidan   Oncologist