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Mr. Leon Recanati


 Leon Recanati, ICA's Vice-Chairman, was born on May 10, 1948, in Tel-Aviv.

  • His current managerial roles include:


  • Chairman & CEO, GlenRock Israel Ltd. - a Private Equity Investment Company

  • Chairman Gmul Investments- a Real Estate Investment Company


  • His previous managerial roles include:


  • Chairman & CEO of IDB Holding Corporation Ltd. 1997-2003

  • Chairman of IDB Development Corporation Ltd. 1997-2003

  • Chairman of Clal Industries and Investments Ltd. 1997-2003

  • Chairman of Azorim Investment Development & Construction 2000-2003

  • Chairman of the Board, Shufersal Ltd. 1991-1997

  • Chairman of the Board Clal Biotechnology 1998-2003

  • Chairman of the Board, "Delek"- Israel Fuel Corp. 1992-1997

  • Chairman of Diners Club Israel Ltd. 1976-1991

  • Vice-Chairman of ICC- Israel Credit Cards Ltd. 1979-1991

  • Deputy General Manager of Israel Discount Bank Ltd. 1981-1986

  • Membership in Public Bodies:

  • Chairman of the Board- Israel National Museum of Science, Technology & Space

  • Vice Chairman- Israel Cancer Association

  • Chairman of Tapuah - The Israeli Society for the Advancement of the Information Age

  • Co-Chairman - Recanati-Chais-Rashi Award for the Entrepreneur Teacher

  • Board of Governors- Tel-Aviv University

  • Board of Governors- Recanati Business School, Tel-Aviv University

  • Board of Governors- Hebrew University, Jerusalem

  • Board of Governors- Technion Israel Institute of Technology

  • Vice-Chairman of Beth Avoth Leon Recanati (Home For the Aged)

  • Board of Governors of the International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism

  • IMPACT- American Scholarships Fund for IDF Soldiers

  • Board of Governors of Beth Hatefutsot (Diaspora Museum)

  • Board of Governors of the Jewish Agency for Israel

  • Member - International Honor Society-Beta Gamma Sigma

  • Education:

  • Honorary Doctorate of Tel-Aviv University, 2001

  • The Israeli Industry Association Award, 2007

  • Honorary Doctorate Technion Israel Institute of Technology, 1999

  • MBA - Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 1971

  • B.A. Economics - Hebrew University, Jerusalem,1968


Leon Recanati