Feasibility of a text-messaging smoking cessation program for soldiers in Israel


2019 ‘Text and stop!’ campaign for soldiers is a smoking cessation program initiative using text messages sent to cell phones and especially adapted to men and women soldiers serving in the IDF. The campaign is part of a study for scientific evaluation. The participants will enjoy the full program and even help researchers improve the program by answering feedback questionnaires.

Answering the questionnaires is vital for research and for the future success of the campaign.

As part of the registration for the campaign, each participant will choose his own smoking cessation date, set within two weeks of the registration date. Following, the participant will receive text messages to their cell phone with content advocating for smoking cessation, which will be synchronized with the cessation date chosen by the participant.

The messaging system will be dynamic and cater to the needs that may arise for each participant throughout the cessation process (craving, slip, poor mood and more) by sending and receiving messages.   

Who is the campaign for?

The campaign is geared towards men and women soldiers serving in the IDF (both mandatory service and reserve duty), who smoke daily and are seeking to stop smoking within the next two weeks.

Currently, the campaign is not designed for pregnant women or civilians.