A very moving birthday celebration takes place in Frankfurt

31/07/2011 09:52:01

Mrs. Ruth Hofmann and Mrs. Miri Ziv


A very moving and unforgettable event took place in Frankfurt on July 31, 2011, as the 90th birthday of Mrs. Ruth Hofmann was celebrated in the presence of, among others, Mrs. Miri Ziv, Director General of the Israel Cancer Association (ICA).

It was kindly requested from the guests, who attended the birthday party on Sunday, not to buy any presents but to donate to ICA’s “Hope for Life” Program, which the Friends in Frankfurt have been supporting these past years. Thanks to the generous gesture of the guests, an inscription in the name of Mrs. Ruth Hofmann was made in ICA’s Book of Life.

Mrs. Ruth Hofmann was the initiator of the Friends of ICA in Frankfurt, which was founded on September 13, 1984, by seven women with one vision. Mrs. Hofmann became the first President of the group and was honoured in 1992 by the President of Israel, Mr. Chaim Herzog.

Mrs. Hofmann always served as a model for the young generation that is following her footsteps, through her contribution to the community and her remarkable volunteer efforts, as a Friend.

Our dedicated Friend, Mrs. Petra Kaffeesieder, serves as the energetic and devoted Chairperson of the ICA Friends in Frankfurt and we are well aware of the noteworthy work she and her loyal team have been doing over the past years.


Mrs. Ruth Hofmann's birthday


Many accomplishments have been reached during the years, thanks to the persistence of the ICA Friends group in Frankfurt, which has a long and impressive list of important achievements and has raised money for numerous projects in Israeli hospitals. For example, funds were allocated to employ night nurses for the Pediatric-Oncology Center at Beilinson Medical Center which enabled the hospitalization of young cancer patients in the pediatric oncology department without fearing the contamination from other children of other departments. It also financed a summer camp for children with cancer in the hills of Nazareth, mammography equipment for Carmel Medical Center in Haifa and many other projects.

The Frankfurt Friends of ICA have also been supporting for these past years the "Hope for Life" program which provides tutors who help children keep up with their school studies while confronting their disease. ICA's investment in the kid's future gives them and their parents the hope and strength to proceed their complicated coping with the child's illness.

On behalf of the ICA team and on behalf of the cancer patients who received assistance from the many projects the Friends of ICA in Frankfurt helped implement, we commend Mrs. Hofmann for all her notable activities and wish her the best of health and all the good in the world!