Israeli Researchers identify protein that may slow down Pancreatic Cancer

20/07/2011 10:10:01

Dr. Ido Wolf and Dr. Lilach Abramovitz


Great news!

Israeli researchers have discovered a protein that seems to prevent the growth of pancreatic cancer. The study, which was funded by Peter and Nancy Brown, in memory of Eric and Melvin Brown, through the Israel Cancer Association’s Friends in the USA, is being led by researcher, Dr. Ido Wolf, who heads both Sheba’s Oncology Department and one of the labs at the Cancer Research Center. Dr. Lilach Abramovitz and Dr. Tami Rubinek are also on the research team.

The results of the study, which are due to be published soon in the “Clinical Cancer Research” Journal, indicate that the naturally occurring hormone klotho may be effective in future treatment of pancreatic cancer. The researchers’ next goal is to reduce side effects.

This discovery may certainly change the lives of the pancreatic cancer patients worldwide.


Click here to read the article “Israeli researchers identify protein that may slow down pancreatic cancer” which was published in the English Edition of Haaretz, dated July 13, 2011.