Inauguration of the new Breast Health Center Unit in the Monosson Municipality

06/06/2011 10:16:01

Mrs. Ziv and Mrs. Timor


Many guests attended the opening ceremony of the new Breast Health Center Unit, named after the late Aliza Timor in the Monosson Municipality, which took place on Sunday, June 6, 2011.

The late Aliza Timor established the Unit in 1981, under the aegis of the Israel Cancer Association, to encourage women to undergo free of charge breast examinations in order to detect breast cancer at an early stage. Many women, who were tested in the Unit, overcame cancer thanks to the early detection of their illness, and feel they owe their life to the Unit. Mrs. Timor ran the establishment on a voluntary basis for 29 years, until 2010, when she passed away after battling against cancer.
The Mayor of Yehud-Monosson, in association with the Israel Cancer Association, decided to commemorate Aliza’s work in establishing the Unit.

Mrs. Miri Ziv expressed her deepest appreciation for Aliza’s many activities and for the strength and determination of Gilli, Aliza’s youngest daughter, to continuing saving lives. She said: “The Clinic integrates a variety of activities which are supported by the Israel Cancer Association on a national level, such as early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer among women across the country. We are committed to reducing the morbidity and mortality rates of breast cancer in Israel”.

Aliza’s daughter, Mrs. Gilli Iron-Timor, volunteered to continue her mother’s path and currently manages the new Breast Health Unit.