Tens of thousands of school students and volunteers working on behalf of 200,000 cancer patients and survivors take part in ICA Door Knock Fundraising Campaign, launched on Monday, October 31, 2011 throughout Israel

31/10/2011 16:37:01

Monday October 31, 2011 saw the launching of the Israel Cancer Association's annual Door Knock fundraising campaign. The ICA's Annual Door Knock Fundraising Campaign is the organization's most important source of funding; ICA activities are made possible solely by public donations as the organization receives no government funding whatsoever.

According to Ministry of Health National Cancer Registry statistics, there are some 200,000 cancer patients and survivors in Israel today, 1,400 of whom are children. About 28,000 are diagnosed with cancer annually, 350 of whom are children.

Public donations enable ICA to act on multiple fronts to combat the disease, and the organization fulfills this task by: financing dozens of research studies aimed at finding a cure to cancer, conducting public information activities to increase awareness of how to prevent prevalent cancers, initiating and planning national early detection programs to diagnose different types of cancer, which when detected early may lead to higher cure rates, helping children with cancer catch up on their schoolwork, running summer vacations for cancer patients and their families, purchasing modern equipment for medical centers for the treatment of cancer patients, setting up departments for cancer patients at hospitals throughout the country, providing funding to support nursing, psychology, dietitian, and social work jobs for those who work as part of a multi-disciplinary staff to assist cancer patients in hospitals and community clinics, and acting on behalf of cancer patients and survivors in Israel to enhance the quality of their lives and promote their rights.

Colonel (res.) Rivka Balistra, ICA Door Knock Campaign Manager remarked: "Tens of thousands of children, school students, youth movement members and ICA volunteers take part in this campaign; including new immigrants, volunteers from the Arab and Bedouin society, and cancer survivors. The Israel Cancer Association works in close collaboration with the education system, conducting activity in over 70 branches throughout Israel. The goal is to reach every Israeli household, from north to south, including Israeli embassies throughout the globe. The children will fundraise in all cities, kibbutzim and moshavim (collective settlements), and will reach every sector of the population. I call upon the public to keep their eyes open and check that an official Israel Cancer Association receipt has been issued".