ICA and Rav Bariah launch the "Opening Your Door and Your Heart to Life " Initiative


The launching of the "Opening Your Door and Your Heart - to Life Initiative", closed the Jubilee anniversary of the Israel Cancer Association Door Knock Fundraising Campaign. The initiative enlisted 50 celebrities, artists and design students to design nonstandard size doors manufactured by Rav Bariah, the company that generously financed the creative initiative.


ICA Rav Bariah Door

Rav-Bariah donated 50 nonstandard size doors, designed by 50 artists, public opinion leaders and students, that were put on display at the Yitzhak Rabin Center in Ramat Aviv, at an exhibit open to the general public free of charge, in October 2011.


Rav Bariah Door


The doors, autographed by the designers, were put up for auction by Rav-Bariah, and all proceeds will go directly to the Israel Cancer Association to promote the organization's activities for the patients - and against the disease.


Rav Bariah Door Michal Negrin


Doors that were not sold were purchased by Rav-Bariah for the Israel Cancer Association. The Chairman and the owner of Rav-Bariah, Mr. Samuel Donnerstein, designed the 51st door, to reflect the spirit of endeavor of the Israel Cancer Association. Different elements were enmeshed with messages on this door: research, support, rehabilitation, welfare, early detection, prevention, information, public education, consultation, modern equipment, seminars, national program and standards.


Rav Bariah Door Flamenco


Miri Ziv, ICA Director General, said: "The ICA constantly aims to reduce cancer morbidity and mortality, as well as increase public awareness of prevention, early detection and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. All ICA activities are made possible thanks to public donations, and the organization receives no government funding whatsoever. Public donations enable the ICA to finance research studies conducted by Israeli physicians and research scientists, purchase state-of-the-art medical equipment to treat cancer patients, assist in establishing departments in hospitals around the country, fund nursing and social work staff who assist cancer patients, conduct advocacy activities to increase public awareness of cancer diseases, initiate and construct national early detection programs for different types of cancer, which when detected at an early stage have a higher chance of being cured, financially support cancer patients who are in need, assist child cancer patients in keeping up with their schoolwork, and many other diverse life-saving activities. We at the ICA would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Rav-Bariah Company, and all those who contributed to this unique initiative; thank you for lending us a helping hand - an

outstretched hand offering life-saving assistance".