The Frankfurt Friends of ICA organize a very successful gala event

29/10/2011 11:53:13

Mrs. Sharon Haziz


As usual, the gala was a tremendous success, extremely elegant, and attended by very nice people. Many of them are longtime friends the likes of Prof. Dr. Korn , Vice President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, accompanied by his wife Maruscha, the President of B'nai B'rith Europe, Mr. Ralph Hofmann, accompanied by his wife Simone, and also some new faces, which we really appreciate.


The lovely Mrs. Sharon Haziz honored us with her presence which contributed a great deal to the success of this event and we are very grateful that she and her friends attended. She gave a wonderful performance, captivating the audience and getting everybody to sing along, clap their hands and even dance to her songs. All the attendees were enchanted by her.


Before the main course was served, we heard a very interesting and informative lecture delivered by Dr. Buss of the Heidelberg Comprehensive Cancer Center. He gave a lecture about new stem cell research and its productive results.

This was very important, because people learned that there are many successful treatment methods for different types of cancers, which in turn increase cure rates.


The Hotel Intercontinental Frankfurt provided a donation and the highly reputed chef, Mr. Bramkamp, prepared a wonderful dinner, which we all thoroughly enjoyed.


Thanks to some donations we received, such as jewelry, furs and paintings we could once again hold a raffle, which raised a nice sum of money.


Another surprise of the evening was the participation of the captain of the "Tour der Hoffnung ", Prof.Dr. Fritz Lampert, accompanied by his wife Felicitas, Mr. Klaus Peter Thaler, accompanied by his wife Jutta, and the former participant of the "Tour der Hoffnung " Dr. Winni Huber.


Mrs. Petra Kaffeesieder and Dr. H. C. Ernst Gerhardt


They will all help us raise money for next year. Our Patron, Dr. Ernst Gerhardt, who celebrated his 90th  birthday this year, thanked everybody and charmingly asked that people keep donating to our "Hope for Life" Project.


Report by Mrs. Petra Kaffeesieder, Chair of the Frankfurt Friends of the Israel Cancer Association