Will Madonna say "No" to smoking at her performance in Israel in response to the request made by ICA?


Madonna's only performance in Israel is scheduled to take place on Thursday, 31 May 2012, the same day marking "World No Tobacco Day" in Israel and throughout the globe.


ICA has forwarded a request to Madonna, through her manager abroad and the PR agency representing her in Israel, to cite the fact that it is "World No Tobacco Day" and ask the audience to 'stop smoking today and forever'.


Madonna's Israel-based PR agency has acknowledged receipt of the request and has reported that it has been forwarded to Madonna. Since the publication of this announcement, Madonna's response has not yet been received. And the question that remains unanswered is whether Madonna will get up on stage in Israel and say "NO" to smoking!


ICA has also contacted other Israeli celebrities who are performing before a large audience on that date and has requested that they mention "World No Tobacco Day" at their respective performances.