In response to a request from the Israel Cancer Association, lifeguards enlisted in fight against the harmful effects of the sun.

01/08/2012 11:16:12

As of Friday, 6 July 2012, and throughout the entire swimming season, lifeguards on Israel's beaches will call upon beach goers to be "sun smart" and protect themselves from the sun's harmful effects. 


Now in its third year, this collaborative effort initiated by the Israel Cancer Association with the National Lifeguards Association, aims to increase awareness of the harmful effects of the sun, with the leading message  -
"Sunbathing without protection means irreparable damage".


The Israel Cancer Association supplied the lifeguards with personal kits containing posters and Israel Cancer Association recommendations for sun smart behavior, which they will read throughout the day via the PA system.


Israel Cancer Association's Health Promoter, Irit Mentesh, told Chairman of the Lifeguards Association Mr. Avi Afiya that "the Israel Cancer Association is delighted to have the lifeguards serve as "ambassadors" to increase awareness of the harmful effects of the sun among sunbathers on [Israel's] beaches.  The sunbathing crowd is exposed to the sun's hazardous effects and does not necessarily take all the necessary protective precautions.  The beach going public regards the lifeguard as a reliable figure responsible for its safety and as such will listen to his instructions concerning protection from the sun".