The Israel Cancer Association launches new public information campaign

15/12/2012 18:15:15

The Israel Cancer Association (ICA) is currently launching a new public information campaign through Gitam BBDO, an advertising agency that has been volunteering its services to the ICA for many years.


The video features Sara Brom, Dana Wieder-Weiss, and Nili Harari, three women who developed and survived breast cancer, calling upon women at the initial stages of the disease to contact ICA's "Yad Lehachlama" group in order to receive assistance and support from women who have drawn from their experiences as breast cancer survivors and lend a hand to others who are currently experiencing what they went through. 


In this video, the three women give their own personal account and describe the difficulties encountered and emotions that surfaced when they were diagnosed with the disease, followed by a description of how a "Yad Lehachlama" volunteer helped each survivor cope with the breast cancer experience, and how today these three women offer assistance to other breast cancer patients. 


The public service announcement was aired on Tuesday, 9 October 2012, and was televised for five days.  Additionally, ads taken from the public service announcement will appear in the newspapers.


According to Miri Ziv, ICA Director General, "October is International Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Among the plethora of activities initiated by the ICA during awareness month, the informational activity conducted by "Yad Lehachlama" definitely stands out, and we sincerely hope that with the help of this activity and the public service announcement, other women will contact the organization and its dedicated volunteers to get help in dealing with the disease". 


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ICA's "Yad Lehachlama" organization is a national organization comprised of volunteers who have coped with breast cancer and survived.  Established in Israel in 1967 by the ICA, Yad Lehachlama currently boasts 250 volunteers across Israel. All Yad Lehachlama volunteers have undergone mastectomy, have recovered from the disease, and are currently accompanying women who have been recently operated on, throughout the entire period that breast cancer remains a personal concern - dealing with breast cancer in its early stages and during periods of crisis, as well as helping overcome anxieties and fear of the unknown. 


Credits: Creative Vice CEO - Shani Gershi, Copywriter - Yohai Asher, Art Director - Yael Gerzon, Production Manager - Noga Sagi, Producer - Aviv Lahav, Client Manager - Eyal Blechman, Account Supervisor - Ronni Marian, Account Executive - Tal Nir.