ICA organizes a successful Research Day


Big-Bullet-SQR.gif Each year ICA finances a wide range of cutting-edge cancer research projects, from molecular biology and fundamental biological processes, through clinical trials, to studies on psycho-social aspects.


Research Day searchers


Big-Bullet-SQR.gif Research Day was initiated to promote collaborative efforts among members of the Israeli cancer research community, with the aim of creating mutually productive exchange of information that will ultimately lead to the establishment of a dynamic partnerships forum, consisting mainly of oncologists and biochemists.


Yom Hamehkar Information Boards


Big-Bullet-SQR.gif Research Day featured a lecture delivered by guest lecturer, Prof. Inon Ben-Neria of the Hebrew University, lectures on select research studies that were financed by the ICA, and a panel of experts on cancer research relating to immunotherapy: Prof. Idit Ben-Baruch, Prof. Roni Apte of Ben Gurion University, Prof. Michal Beniash of Hebrew University, Prof. Yaakov Shechter of Tel Hashomer Medical Center, and Prof. Michal Lotem of Hadassah Medical Center, Ein Karem Campus.


Research Day Professor Yarden


Big-Bullet-SQR.gif The Chairman Elect of the ICA Research Committee was also announced at the annual Research Day. Prof. Yossi Yarden of the Weizmann Institute who also initiated and orchestrated Research Day, completed a 6-year term as ICA Research Committee Chairman, and in his stead, Prof. Eli Pikersky of Hebrew University assumed the position.


Big-Bullet-SQR.gif Research Day will continue to be a commendable tradition, as well as a significant component of ICA activity to promote prevention and close in on cures.