2024 World No Tobacco Day

01/05/2024 15:15:18

Half of the Israelis population avoids going to entertainment venues due to smoking

World No Tobacco Day: All there is to Know about the Smoking Phenomenon in Israel

Ahead of World No Tobacco Day, the Israel Cancer Association presents dramatic data from a new Israeli survey, scientific research, and updated facts about the smoking phenomenon in Israel.

According to the new survey data, 21.5% of Israelis smoke cigarettes, about 19% of youth and young adults aged 16-24 smoke electronic cigarettes, about 11% of the public are in relationships with smoking partners, about 94% of the public are exposed to smoking in public places, about 74% of Israelis aged 55-60 know people who want to quit but fail, nearly a third know a woman who continues smoking during pregnancy, a third know someone who started or resumed smoking following the October 7 events, and about half of the public avoids going to places due to smoking.

The ICA emphasizes that almost every hour, an Israeli dies as a result of a disease caused by active or passive smoking, and reminds that smoking causes various types of cancer, heart attacks, strokes, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Smoking also poses a proven risk for fertility problems in women and impotence in men. In fact, about 8,000 Israelis die from smoking every year, which is also responsible for about 20% of all cancer deaths worldwide.

Moshe Bar Haim, CEO of the Israel Cancer Association, explained: "We are very concerned about the smoking phenomenon in Israel, which shortens life expectancy, causes many diseases and death. With all that humanity knows about this addictive habit, we would have expected that by 2024 the percentage of smokers in Israel would drop to a single digit like in developed, modern countries that have already woken up, but unfortunately, the data from the new survey presents a gloomy picture and almost every hour another Israeli dies from the effects of smoking."

According to the new survey data initiated by the Israel Cancer Association, smoking in Israel is mostly based on regular cigarettes, but also on electronic cigarettes and a combination of the two. The rate of regular cigarette smokers is 22%, with smoking more prevalent among men (26.6%) and in Arab society (28%). Electronic cigarette consumption stands at 14% and decreases with age, with the rate among adolescents and young adults aged 16-24 at 19%.

Almost the entire population is exposed to smoking in public places (94.2%). The main places where people are exposed to smoking are the street (66.8%), public parks (53.8%), restaurants and cafes (53.4%), and bus stations (48.8%)


Ahead of World No Tobacco Day marked in Israel and around the world on May 31st, the Israel Cancer Association is organizing various educational activities and launching new campaigns on social media. Throughout the year, the ICA operates an educational staff of instructors and medical students in schools, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, on the harmful effects of smoking.