Streetball Exhibition Game 2013: How does the blue team always manage to win?


On Friday afternoon, 24 May 2013, the ICA held an exhibition Streetball game entitled "Play and Donate to the Fight against Cancer" at the Sportek Herzliya, in collaboration with the Herzliya Municipality, and with the generous assistance of Tal Brody, President of Bnei Herzliya Association.  The game was sponsored by AND1 Basketball Footwear and Apparel Company.

This collaborative event is a tradition now in its fifth year which aims to promote cancer awareness among the general population and to emphasize that physical activity at any age provides important health benefits and helps prevent disease.


A tournament was held prior to the exhibition game, with proceeds dedicated to ICA's numerous potentially life-saving activities held throughout Israel.


Stars from the children's and teens' TV program "Hahamama" participated in the Streetball game, joining other celebrities and basketball stars who also took part in the event. 


The yellow team featured the following players: Tamir Ginsburg, Shir Moreno, Liran Cohaner, Lior Shabtai, Joy Riger, Akiva Shmueli, Smadar Hayat and Daniel Litman, accompanied by the energetic coach Tal Brody.


ICA Streetball


The opposing members of the blue team were no less determined: Uri Hizkiya, Udi Gotshlek, Aviad Bentov, Dar Zuzovsky, Yadin Goldman, Eli Keren Assaf, Assaf Dotan, Gaya Shlita Katz, accompanied by coach Doron Jampchi.


ICA Streetball


During halftime, the members of the yellow team understood that they could use some back up, and SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick joined them. 


ICA Streetball


The blue team headed by Assaf Dotan, a professional basketball player and Uri Hizkiya, fought back, and after a difficult battle, the blue team won the game 18 - 12.


The dozens of spectators who attended the event cheered for the players throughout the match, and when it ended, they posed for photographs with the team members and received autographs from the celebrities who were exhausted after playing a fierce match.

ICA Streetball