Teens engage in unique anti-smoking activity


With the approach of World No Tobacco Day, the Annual School Competition on Tobacco Prevention, in memory of the late Dr. Marcus, was launched on Wednesday, 29 May 2013, in collaboration with the Israel Cancer Association, Shefi - the the Psychology and Counseling Unit of the Ministry of Education - and the League against Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases.

Dr. Marcus served as Chairman of the League against Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases and invested tremendous efforts in promoting smoking prevention and cessation. This competition was initiated by Dr. Marcus 15 years ago, and the tradition lives on.  Members of the Marcus family honored the competition with their presence, as did Dr. Zohar Mor of the League against Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases, representatives of Shefi - the Psychology and Counseling Unit of the Ministry of Education - and representatives of the Israel Cancer Association.


Ms. Karen Roth, Director of the Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco Abuse Prevention Unit remarked at the ceremony: "As educators and parents, our task is to work with teens to help them understand that smoking cigarettes is choosing a "friend" who does not "come highly recommended", meaning opting for non-adjusting behavior which has broad implications for emotional well-being and general health".


Mrs. Edna Peleg-Olevsky, Israel Cancer Association Spokesperson emphasized that: "Dear students, it is your task, as those who have been exposed to the subject of smoking over the past year, and mainly to its harmful effects and the options for smoking cessation, to pass on these messages to your friends, family and even to a father or mother who is a smoker".


ICA Competition No Tobacco Day 2013


Numerous schools from across Israel took part in this competition and six schools reached the finals, held at the Israel Cancer Association Headquarters.


ICA Competition No Tobacco Day 2013


This competition summed up broad-based activity in schools on smoking, its harmful effects, smoking cessation and in some schools the subject was expanded to include "healthy lifestyle habits": proper nutrition, physical activity and more.


The Israel Cancer Association is active in schools across Israel throughout the school year, and delivers hundreds of lectures, activities and materials on smoking.


ICA Competition No Tobacco Day 2013


At the closing ceremony, the teens presented their projects along with their teachers and guidance counselors; a great deal of thought and time went into these creative projects which included drawings, installations, and films.


Big-Bullet-SQR.gif The second price was won by:

bul3 Maanit Elementary School

bul3 El Najah Taibe School

bul3 The Christian Orthodox School in Ramle


Big-Bullet-SQR.gif The first prize was won by:

bul3 Dafna Kiryat Bialik Junior High School

bul3 Timra Elzahra Elementary School

bul3 Omar Lahatab Majdal Krum School


The Israel Cancer Association congratulates and thanks all the participants who took part in the competition. 


ICA Annual Competition on Tobacco Prevention 2013