ICA launches book "Cake and a Kerchief": how does a grandmother tell her grandchildren about the disease?


Big-Bullet-SQR.gif The Israel Cancer Association is launching a new book "Cake and a Kerchief", written by Naama Zweig, a grandmother who developed cancer and found a unique way to share this with her young granddaughters in the form of the story of how she coped with the disease.

bul3 In this book, Naama tells her granddaughters Michali, Shissy and Noga, about the disease, the treatments she undergoes and their side effects.

Cake and a Handkerchief

bul3 Using gentle, warm and loving words, in the form of a game, and while baking a cake with her granddaughters, Naama shares the story of how she coped with the disease with great candor.

bul3 The book features beautiful and moving illustrations, and can help patients find ways to share their own story of how they coped with the disease with their family members, to open the doors for honest and supportive communication.

Cake and a Handkerchief

bul3 The book is available free of charge.  To receive a copy, please contact the Israel Cancer Association "Telemeida" service at: .1-800-599-995

bul3 The Israel Cancer Association operates a broad-based support network throughout Israel, free of charge, for cancer patients, survivors and their families. 

bul3 For more information, please visit the ICA website.

bul3 This book was published courtesy of Roche Pharmaceuticals, a company which has been leading the "Roche Lends a Hand" project over the past decade.


Cake and a Handkerchief