The Israel Cancer Association commends Supreme Court on today's court ruling requiring that pub owners who have not prohibited smoking pay compensation exceeding one million shekels


Big-Bullet-SQR.gif The Israel Cancer Association (ICA) commends today's Supreme Court ruling which authorizes raising the sum of compensation owing by parties who have not prevented smoking in a public place, such as a club or pub, to a sum of NIS 1,160,000.


bul3 The court ruling was issued this afternoon by presiding judges Mrs. Miriam Mr. Naor, Neil Hendel, and Mr. Zvi Zilberthal, after court proceedings held on May 20, 2013.


bul3 The case involved a Tel Aviv based club "Bella Shlomkins" which did not prevent (illegal) smoking on its premises, despite the protestations of three club frequenters.


bul3 The class-action lawsuit was filed against the club and its administration in 2008 by three of the club's frequenters: Mr. Mark Litvin, Ms. Yelena Litvin and Mr.  Maxim Tutunik, through their attorney, Mr. Amos Hausner. 


bul3 Following the plaintiffs' appeal regarding the compensation amount ruled by the District Court, Israel's Supreme Court decided to increase the compensation sum to be transferred to the ICA to treat and prevent lung cancer, according to the number of frequenters on the premises, multiplied by NIS 1,000 per frequenter.


bul3 The owners and administration were also charged an additional personal compensation to be paid to the plaintiffs themselves.


bul3 The ICA hopes that the court decision will deter owners of public places where the prohibition against smoking has not been enforced (from permitting smoking on the premises).


bul3 Similarly, the ICA thanks the court system, both the district courts and the Israeli Supreme Court, for this important decision.  The ICA further adds that, once received, such a sum will help reinforce the organization's broad-based and longtime efforts to prevent smoking, the leading preventable cause of death.