"A Small Key to Your Heart – A Gateway to Your Soul"


The Israel Cancer Association (ICA), EL AL airlines and Michal Negrin invite EL AL passengers to purchase a unique item - an elegantly crafted, colorful and breathtakingly beautiful key chain "A Key to Your Heart".

Big-Bullet-SQR.gif This handcrafted Michal Negrin key chain is an exclusive offer available to EL AL customers for a mere US$10.

bul3 A video to be screened on EL AL flights will introduce this fundraising endeavor - a  clip featuring 13 year old Mika who recovered from cancer.

All proceeds from the sale of the key chains shall be dedicated to Israel Cancer Association activity.


bul3 Kindly press here to view the clip.


bul3 Mrs. Miri Ziv, ICA Director General: "For over the past 60 years, the ICA has been spearheading the fight against cancer diseases in Israel with the aim to reduce cancer morbidity and mortality. ICA's broad-based activity is targeted at the general population in areas related to prevention and early detection of different types of cancers, and is also geared towards patients, survivors and their families, as far as treatment, enhanced quality of life and rehabilitation are concerned.

We wish to express our heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Michal Negrin who has chosen to lend us a hand by creating a unique item, and to EL AL that has lent its support to this collaborative effort. We call upon the passengers to purchase this beautiful key chain and to contribute to ICA activity."


bul3 Mrs. Michal Negrin added: "In view of my high regard for the wonderful work conducted by the Israel Cancer Association and the importance of the enterprise that it represents, I have lent my assistance, with great love and commitment, to support this noteworthy initiative launched by EL AL and the ICA, by designing a unique key chain that combines and fuses two symbols in harmony; for me, these symbols represent ICA's activity - the key and heart, which in unison pave the gateway to all our hearts.

I can only hope that my modest contribution to this noble cause will help improve the quality of life of patients and enhance their rehabilitation".


bul3 Mrs. Yehudit Grisaro, Vice President Customer Service at EL AL: "EL AL has offered to lend its assistance, once again, in collaboration with the ICA, and artist Mrs. Michal Negrin, and does so with great love and commitment. We consider working on behalf of the community to be of great importance, and we wish to enable our passengers to contribute to this noble cause, through this significant collaborative initiative.

The integration of community engagement into the core of the business model is the right mix, a combination which has been in tune with EL AL's work methods for many years".


Big-Bullet-SQR.gif The key chain may be purchased from El Al's in-flight duty-free.