ICA organizes a special fundraising evening in Tirat Carmel in memory of Liran Bar of Blessed Memory


The 8th of June 2013 saw a special fundraising evening held in Tirat Carmel, with all proceeds dedicated to supporting Israel Cancer Association activity (ICA). 


Liran Bar's Family


This moving event was initiated by a brave young woman who agreed to share her painful personal story about losing her young husband to cancer, as this was an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of the fight against cancer among a large audience.  

Mrs. Elinor Bar sought to explain to everyone that it is not just about an individual struggle, but rather a mutual struggle, as only together one can win. 


The town's mayor, Mr. Arie Tal, commended this unique initiative and asked to strengthen the town's commitment to the fight against cancer, by collaborating on ICA's "Door Knock" Fundraising Campaign.   


Mrs. Rivka Balistra


Mrs. Rivka Balistra, Director of ICA Branches Dept. and Head of the "Door Knock" Fundraising Campaign informed the attendees of the varied activities led by the Israel Cancer Association amid the general population all year round, and also placed a special emphasis on the importance of

maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


The incredible members of MESHY women's organization ("What Women Can Do"), headed by Mrs. Hinda Friedlman, Chairperson of MESHY Tirat Carmel and Mrs. Silvi Cohen, Chairperson of the ICA Branch in Tirat Carmel, worked night and day to make this a unique event that would remain etched in the memories of over 200 participants who would become goodwill ambassadors. 


The guest performing artists delivered a moving performance, as though the songs were written specially for Mrs. Elinor Bar's monologue and those of other participants who wished to tell the audience who the late Liran Bar was - a young man who left them before he could realize any of his dreams with his young family. 


Liran Danino at ICA


Mr. Liran Danino, the main guest singer at this evening, wished to remain until the end of the evening, and was also very moved by the intensity of the connection forged between those on the stage and the audience in the auditorium.

A big thank you to all those who took part in this evening, making it an unforgettable one.


Report written by Mrs. Aliza Shultzer, Director of ICA Northern Branches


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