Despite the fear of polio vaccines, scores of children who have cancer and their families did not forgo the traditional Family Vacation held by the ICA


Against the backdrop of the nationwide polio vaccine campaign, last weekend saw ICA's annual Family Faction, with scores of child cancer patients and their parents filling the Vacation Village in Shefayim.


ICA Family Vacations 2013


Bracha Lashamayim: Photos by Peter of "Ziv Tourism"


The ICA tutor network for children who take part in the 'Hope for Life' program will be reinforced and these tutors will visit children in the comfort of their own homes when they must stay at home


2013 ICA Family Vacations Activity


The ICA made sure to provide the families with detailed guidelines concerning children who have cancer and the polio vaccine, which were issued by Prof. Yitzhak Yaniv, Chairperson of the Israeli Society for Pediatric Oncology and Director of the Pediatric Oncology Dept. at Schneider Medical Center, as well as Advisor to the ICA, and by doing so, ascertained that parents would not have any trepidations about participating in the Family Vacation. 


2013 ICA Family Vacations

In keeping with tradition, the children and their families enjoyed a plethora of fun-filled activities; this year's vacation also featured a moving performance delivered by Mr. Natan Goshen who performed on a voluntary basis,  causing a great deal of excitement among the children and their families, a unique cooking workshop led by Mrs. Ayelet Barak, a chef and social worker, dozens of computer and video game stations, inflatable bounce houses, a magic show performed by Vitaly the Magician, children's plays, arts and crafts workshops, a make-up session for mothers courtesy of Estee Lauder, a performance delivered by the "Agil Hazahav" band, a rock and roll band that performed on a voluntary basis, the amusement facilities at Shefayim Water Park and other fun-filled activities.

2013 ICA Family Vacations


Photos: Rotem Malihi of the Balagani Event Production Company


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2013 ICA Family Vacations Baby Foot