Mr. Tzvi Neta, Chairman of the Automotive Equipment Group, launches the "Door Knock" Fundraising Campaign 2013-2014 on Monday, October 14, 2013


Mr. Tzvi Neta will serve as the Israel Cancer Association's "Door Knock" Fundraising Campaign Chairman. This campaign is a significant source of funding for the Association, with thousands of school-age children and members of youth movement taking part, in close collaboration with the education system and ICA volunteers who are active in 70 branches throughout Israel.

Mr. Tzvi Neta recalls: "As a third grader in the 60s, I was recruited to participate in the "Door Knock" Campaign by two of my mother's friends who were among the founders of the ICA, Mrs. Mati Recanati z"l and Mrs. Suzy Eban z"l, and over the years I continued being active in the annual fundraising campaign in the Tzofim (Hebrew Scouts) Youth Movement and in high school.   Back then, as a boy, who grew up close to the beach, I thought that cancer was a small animal that penetrates the body and may be eradicated. Later on, I experienced tragedies that beset close family members, and also a personal encounter with great suffering as I battled against cancer, and fathomed the true meaning of the disease.

My father founded a charitable foundation in the 70s, which was aimed at donating funds to medicine, treating patients, and medical research, and ever since then and to this very day, in view of the fact that cancer is the number one cause of death in the country, I am following in my father's footsteps.

Most people live their lives saying "it's not going to happen to me", but we can do a lot to prevent the disease, through effective early detection, treatment and rehabilitation. The ICA invests tremendous efforts in promoting these potentially life-saving activities, and that is why I strongly recommend that you donate to the "Door Knock" Campaign".