ICA launches the new "Pink Postcard - Pass it On"


Big-Bullet-SQR.gif Marking Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Israel Cancer Association (ICA), courtesy of Novartis Oncology, produced a virtual postcard, with the aim of distributing it to as many women as possible across Israel, to heighten breast cancer awareness, and mainly to increase awareness of the importance of detection awareness.

bul3 The "Pink Postcard" project has been launched on ICA's Facebook Page: "The Israel Cancer Association - Steps to a Healthy Life". To send a postcard, please enter the application.

bul3 How does it work?  Writers can select certain words and write a personal message, which they can send in the form of a postcard to a woman they care about, with the aim being to forward this postcard and distribute it to as many women as possible. This unique application was developed by the like2 New Media Agency.

bul3 Please click here to view an explanatory clip about the Pink Postcard.

bul3 As part of the global initiative to increase breast cancer awareness every October, "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" is marked annually in Israel, coinciding with Breast Cancer Awareness Day commemorated worldwide. Throughout the year, and with a special emphasis on this particular month, the ICA launches numerous projects and events to promote awareness about this issue.

bul3 A screening exam for early breast cancer detection has the potential to save lives!  The earlier the disease is diagnosed, the higher the chances of a cure - reaching 90% or more.

Big-Bullet-SQR.gif ICA Recommendations:

bul3 Women aged 50 or older, without a family history, are advised to undergo a mammography screening once every two years.

bul3 Women who are at risk (who have a mother or sister who developed cancer), are advised to start mammography screening at age 40 or earlier, according to their attending physician's recommendation.

bul3 MRI screening is recommended for breast cancer-susceptibility gene mutation carriers.

bul3 It is important that women become familiar with the regular feel and appearance of their body in general and their breasts in particular so that they can detect any change and clarify the nature of the transformation.  

ICA Postcard