Marking Breast Cancer Awareness Month a meeting for the women of Carmiel was organized


Marking Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a morning meeting was held for the women of Carmiel at Naamat Carmiel House which houses the town's ICA branch. 


ICA Carmiel



This initiative got off the ground through the cooperative marketing and promotional efforts of Mrs. Eveline Dasa, Chairman of the ICA Carmiel Branch.


Mrs. Hana Bikel, Assistant to the Spokesperson of the Rebecca Sieff Medical Center and 'Yad Lehachlama' volunteer, was invited to lecture before the forum.  Mrs. Bikel is also a certified ICA instructor who is available to every female resident of Carmiel. 


The Branch Chairperson, Mrs. Eveline Dasa and the Director of the ICA Northern Branches, Mrs. Aliza Schultzer, opened the meeting by awarding a certificate of appreciation to the leading Naamat staff for their collaboration throughout the years, their keenness to promote community health, and for their noteworthy endeavors alongside ICA volunteers.    


Mrs. Aliza Schultzer continued with a general overview of ICA activity, placing an emphasis on the Northern Region.  Additionally, the Branch Chairperson briefly explained the events and activities taking place in the Carmiel Branch from a community perspective.     


ICA Carmiel


Informative materials meticulously selected by Ms. Irit Mentesh, ICA Health Promoter, were distributed, including special folders and butterfly brooches, which each participant wore at the end of the training session for a group photo.


It was very moving to see so many women who comprehend the significance of promoting their own individual and personal health, and who took a break from their hectic schedules to hear about this subject and ask meaningful questions.  This is not something that should be taken for granted.


In her lecture, Hana explored the personal aspect of coping with the disease and also presented important data, and these two eye-opening elements motivated the women to take matters into their own hands, and go get themselves checked; consequently, these women became emissaries for their female counterparts in the community, in their close environment, to potentially help save lives. 


Kudos to all those who were involved in organizing this commendable activity.