Israel Minister of Health's Award for Outstanding Volunteers presented to Dr. Robinson, the Look Good Feel Better Project initiator

14/01/2014 11:34:06

Big-Bullet-SQR.gif The Minister of Health's Award for Outstanding Volunteers was presented to Dr. Francine Robinson, the creative mind behind the Israel Cancer Association's Look Good Feel Better Project.

This award cites the volunteer efforts of an individual or group, adults and teens, whose commitment and dedication to the mission they have taken upon themselves serve as an example for others.

Dr. Francine Robinson

Photo: Dr. Francine Robinson receiving the Award for Outstanding Volunteers from the Minister of Health, Mrs. Yael German.

Dr. Francine Robinson who holds a degree in political science and English literature, as well as a Ph.D in Education Management, began volunteering at the Israel Cancer Association in 1996, in the Yad Lehachlama (Reach to Recovery) program, helping women diagnosed as breast cancer patients, and assisting them in coping with the disease, after she herself was diagnosed with breast cancer.

On one of her visits to the U.S., Francine became acquainted with the Look Better...Feel Good Project, and decided to initiate and implement this kind of project in Israel.

Francine began to recruit cosmeticians for this project, while concurrently enlisting the support of cosmetics companies. These cosmeticians agreed to volunteer once a week and provide personal cosmetic treatments to patients undergoing chemotherapy at hospitals or within the community.  In addition, Francine succeeded in establishing this project in Israel under the aegis of the Israel Cancer Association.

Alongside her work as the Head of English at the Technological Institute in Holon, Francine leads the Look Good Feel Better Project which currently operates in 40 hospitals and ICA branches and community centers around the country, providing beauty care treatments to about 5,000 patients each year.  

Under her initiative, this project expanded to additional fields, such as make-up, hairstyling, wig fitting and wig-styling training, cosmetic treatments for adolescents and men, and also for mothers of children with cancer.   The patients, who are for the most part focused on fighting the disease, indulge in moments of joy thanks to the beauty care treatments they receive and the efforts to make them look better, aspects which tend to get left by the wayside in times of trouble.

Dr. Francine Robinson

Photo: Dr. Francine Robinson

Francine leads and oversees the project on a completely voluntary basis; she is highly motivated, full of good intentions, vision and creativity.

Demonstrating great dedication and commitment, week in week out, Francine visits one of the many centers dispersed throughout the country, and continues to captivate people, recruiting cosmeticians and enlisting the support of cosmetics companies for this volunteer enterprise, so that they may contribute to the wellbeing of cancer patients.

The Award for Outstanding Volunteers was presented to Dr. Francine Robinson, for her uncompromising determination and commendable endeavors on behalf of thousands of cancer patients - men, women, children and senior citizens - getting them through the tough times of treatment; this contribution to the aspect of body image also contributes to the wellbeing of the soul.  

Photos by Lior Deskel