ICA organized the experiential female fundraising event "Sister in Pink" on 29 January 2014

29/01/2014 14:34:06

Big-Bullet-SQR.gif Thanks a million for this experiential and moving evening that was held just a week ago - Sister in Pink!

Each and every one of you in herown unique wonderful way contributed to the great success of this evening - a joint creative production, that only women are capable of experiencing.

As women in the modern age, we are constantly busy all year round with our close environment, the family unit, our children and a hectic routine which makes it hard for us to stop for even a second and think of ourselves.

And suddenly the race of life came to a halt, and we focused on giving alongside endless joy and smiles. 

Thank you for lending a hand to the fight against breast cancer and for supporting Israel Cancer Association activities.

And we would also like to thank: Mrs. Mitra Yahan Faruz for her empowering lecture and Mrs. Avigail Klein for "speaking from the gut" (in more ways than one!).

And thank you to those who pampered us fine cuisine: "Houmousim", "Piazza Givatayim" and thank you to those who took care of the décor: "Silvi Belle" and Anat from "Havaya Hafalot Hinuchiot and Erkiot".

Big-Bullet-SQR.gif Let the pictures do the talking:

Belly Dancer at ICA Sister in Pink 

Photos courtesy of Mrs. Natasha Newrock Stern

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Big-Bullet-SQR.gif What took place at this event?

bul3 A performance delivered by belly dancer and stand-up comedienne Mrs. Avigail Klein, with festive music and a rhythm that awakened the senses.

bul3 "The Courage to Live"- an empowering and moving lecture delivered by Mrs. Mitra Yahan Faruz.

bul3 Refreshments fit for a Queen from the kitchen of Mama Sharona.

bul3 Unique décor, festive music and a personal gift for every participant.

bul3 A wide range of accessories at "The Thousand and One Nights" Bazaar.

ICA Sister in Pink