Join the ICA "Running together" Marathon for the fight against cancer which will take place in place in Jerusalem on Friday, March 21, 2014


How many km do you have to run to help fight cancer? When's the last time you saved a life?

There are many reasons for participating in the Jerusalem Marathon: to maintain a healthy lifestyle, to meet a personal challenge, to enjoy the experience of a sports happening, or simply for the sake of having fun. 

The Israel Cancer Association suggests that you enhance your experience and incorporate charitable giving into your sports activity in order to heighten cancer prevention awareness, enhance patients' and survivors' quality of life, and support research to eventually close in on a cure.

ICA Jerusalem Marathon 2014

Big-Bullet-SQR.gif So how do we do it? 

bul3 The Fourth Annual Jerusalem Marathon is scheduled to take place on Friday, 21 March 2014, and the Israel Cancer Association invites you to make your running experience a more meaningful one. 

bul3 Select one of the Marathon race courses (full marathon, half marathon, 10 km or 5 km), and open a personal fundraising page (which only takes a few minutes), featuring a personal message, photo or clip, as well as your fundraising target. Share the page with your friends, acquaintances and relatives, who will support the challenge you have taken on - finishing the race and raising your target sum.

bul3 You may open a fundraising page and call on friends and family to give a donation to support the fight against cancer, even if you choose not to run in the marathon.

bul3 Donations may also be made online by entering the fundraising page.

bul3 Your donation helps enhance the lives of cancer patients and their families and also assists in financing research studies that will help us find a cure for the disease.

bul3 Click here to open a personal fundraising page.

Big-Bullet-SQR.gif How do you register for the Jerusalem Marathon?

You may register for all race courses (full marathon, half marathon, 10 km race, 5 km public race) on the Jerusalem Marathon website.

Donations may be raised for one of several/several projects:

ICA Jerusalem Marathon Projects

Big-Bullet-SQR.gif A Computer for a Sick Child/A Computer for Every Child

bul3 During the course of the school year, the Israel Cancer Association distributes dozes of computers to children with cancer over the age of 9, whose families do not have the means to purchase a PC.


bul3 Computers enable child patients to keep in touch with their teachers and friends, as well as enjoy games and activities, even when confined to bed.


bul3 Cost of a computer: NIS 2500. 


Big-Bullet-SQR.gif A Tutor for a Sick Child - Hope for Life  

bul3 The Israel Cancer Association assigns a private tutor to every child with cancer who wishes to receive assistance, to help him or her keep up with school work.

bul3 The investment in the children's future provides them and their parents with the hope and strength to persevere in their fight against the disease.  This project assists hundreds of children with cancer each year, and many children who complete their treatments succeed in their matriculation exams thanks to this support which enabled them to pursue their studies in spite of cancer.  

bul3 Cost of a tutor for each child: NIS 8000.

Big-Bullet-SQR.gif Family Vacation for Children with Cancer and their Families


bul3 Each year, the ICA organizes a three day vacation for children with cancer and their families.  In recent years, the vacation has been held at the Vacation Village on Kibbutz Shefayim.  Hundreds of families participate in this vacation; Jewish and Arab families, religious and non-religious, new immigrants and native born Israelis - many of them large sized families.

bul3 The Family Vacation is an enjoyable and fun-filled happening, giving participants a chance to rest as well as spend time at the water park and the motor park at Shefayim; in addition, they also enjoy diverse performances.    This vacation affords these families the opportunity to take a respite from the routine of caregiving, the resulting stress and anxiety that go along with the difficult treatments, as well as the chance to quality spend time together as a family.

bul3 This vacation puts focus on the family, while placing an emphasis on the healthy members of the family as well; in addition, it provides families with the opportunity to "recharge their batteries" for the next round of therapy and gives them hope for the future.

bul3 Cost of a vacation for one family: NIS 10,000.

Big-Bullet-SQR.gif Today's Research, Tomorrow's Cures

bul3 Based on the conviction that today's research heralds tomorrow's capacity for prevention, diagnosis, and ultimately, a cure, the Israel Cancer Association has played an important and active role in supporting research of cancer diseases.


bul3 Research is vital for keeping pace with and adding to the general reservoir of knowledge; each year, the ICA awards research grants to physicians and research scientists in all hospitals, clinics and academic research institutions across Israel. 


bul3 Major breakthroughs have been achieved thanks to ICA research grants:


Prof. Aaron Ciechanover, Nobel Prize Laureate, as a young researcher and physician received assistance from ICA fellowships and as he recounts, he "learned from up close about the significant work that the Association does in promoting research, prevention, early detection, and improving treatment modalities for patients.  It was then that I realized that research is inextricably bound with understanding the disease and is potentially life-saving".


Prof. Ciechanover currently serves as ICA's Honorary President. 


In his research studies, Prof. Yosef Yarden, former Chairman of the ICA Research Committee, paved the way for the development of two key anti-cancer drugs, Herceptin, for the treatment of breast cancer, and Arbitox, for the treatment of colorectal cancer.


bul3 With the help of your donation, we can promote cancer research and the fight against the disease.


bul3 Cost of financing a research grant: NIS 60,000.

Big-Bullet-SQR.gif Have any questions? We'd be happy help you or answer any questions.

bul3 Contact us:

bul11 By phone: +972-3-572.16.03.

bul11 By E-Mail: runfor@cancer.org.il