The Frankfurt Friends of ICA organized their annual gala on Saturday, November 2, 2013

12/11/2013 12:00:12

The annual gala event of the Frankfurt Friends took place at the beautiful Fleming's Deluxe Riverside Hotel which offers a breathtaking panorama of the city of Frankfurt.

The attractive program and great menu appealed to many old and new friends.

Gala event of the 2013 Frankfurt Friends of ICA

Mr. Roman Kupferschmidt, Mrs. Nina Blodinger, Mrs. Ania Hadda, Mrs. Petra Kaffeesieder and Mrs. Orna Knoch

The Board of the Friends Group comprised of Ms. Nina Blodinger, Mrs. Ania Hadda, Mrs. Jutta Josipovici, Mrs. Orna Knoch, Mrs. Eva Zandberg, headed by the devoted Mrs. Petra Kaffeesider, Chairwoman of the Frankfurt Friends of ICA, was fully represented. Mrs. Jutta Josipovici who recently recovered after a battle with cancer was also in attendance which filled the participants with joy.

The guest of honor, Mr. David Jeitner, deeply touched the guests when he spoke of his ordeal, but also gave great hope when he mentioned his two wonderful children who were born after his and his wife's recovery.


Gala event of the 2013 Frankfurt Friends of ICA


 The highlights of the evening were a jewelry and art auction, led by Mrs. Ruti Zandberg, daughter of Board member, Mrs. Eva Zandberg, and the performance of Jamaican singer Mrs. Ria Hamilton who got  all the guests dancing, making the event a very enjoyable one. The jewelry was donated by the following companies: Alex Gelber Juwelen, Morris Weber - Dennis Juwelen, Silberberg Juwelen, Michael Traub Juwelen and the Galerie Gilden's Art, UK.

A great atmosphere prevailed as the annual gala was winding down; this event turned out to be a huge success.