ICA Tirat Hacarmel volunteers distribute wool hats at the Pediatric Oncology Department at Rambam Medical Center


Our wonderful volunteers, Mrs. Silvi Cohen and Mrs. Ruthi Muyal, went from room to room, bed to bed, and distributed beautiful wool hats to the children and also gave them get well cards that kids sent to the hospital.  They listened to every story, every detail, and brought a ray of light to the families at the hospital.

ICA Tirat Hakarmel Volunteers

The children's parents were extremely moved by the volunteers' gentleness and courtesy and extended their heartfelt thanks for the initiative and modest gift.

ICA Tirat Hakarmel Volunteers


"It's fascinating to see to what colorful creations can be made from wool" said Mrs. Silvi, Chairperson of the Tirat Hacarmel Branch.

ICA Tirat Hakarmel Volunteers

The Director of the Northern Branches of the ICA sums up the activity: "This is perhaps the most difficult task that I have been assigned to do....and yet, this has given us the rare opportunity of being able to lend a sympathetic ear, give a hug and learn a tremendous lesson about giving".