ICA salutes its volunteers at Closing Ceremony of the 2013 "Door Knock" Fundraising Campaign

27/03/2014 14:24:07

Hundreds of ICA volunteers gathered at the Givatayim Theater on March 27, 2014, for a morning event honoring them for their noteworthy activity.


The volunteers, who support the organization through 70 branches spanning across Israel, convened for the annual closing ceremony of the "Door Knock" Fundraising Campaign and 2012-2013 Activity.


Among those who greeted the audience were Mayor of Givatayim, Mr. Ran Konik, who cited the importance of this fundraising campaign, and the fact that as a child, he too was enlisted in the campaign and went door to door to fundraise for the ICA.  Mr. Konik also affirmed that a person who gets up in the morning with energy and motivation to invest an effort for others is a person who has high moral values.



Pictured from left: Mayor of Givatayim, Mr.  Ran Konik, ICA Director General, Mrs. Miri Ziv, and Director of the ICA Branches Department, Mr. Yonatan Karni.

ICA Chairman, Prof. Eliezer Robinson, thanked the Mayor of Givatayim, and the administration of Givatayim Theater for their longtime support and for opening the gates of the theater to host the volunteers.  Prof. Robinson further added that today it is known that mortality may be reduced by two-thirds by adopting a healthy lifestyle and undergoing early detection screening tests.


Mrs. Miri Ziv, ICA Director General, described and summarized ICA's extensive activity in 2012-2013.


Trophies were awarded to outstanding schools that excelled at the national level in the 2013 "Door Knock" Fundraising Campaign.


Borochov School in Givatayim was noted as one of the outstanding schools.  Aside from the fact that the school doubled its donation sum, compared to last year, two pupils decided to donate their own money to the campaign and added about NIS 3,000 to the donations that were collected.  They are to be commended for their generosity!


ICA Door Knock Closing Ceremony
School representatives (Mrs. Pnina Kanati, Vice Principal and students), Borochov School, Givatayim, which excelled this year, and Mrs. Dalia Sulkin, Chairperson of the ICA Branch in Givatayim.

The Hadash High School band "Haninim Shel Toni", Tel Aviv, and the "Agil Zahav" (Gold Earring) band entertained the audience with a musical performance and dance routine.


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