How does one put a big smile on the face of cancer patients? Watch the clip!


"Look Good - Feel Better" is the name of an international project that is implemented in Israel by the Israel Cancer Association (ICA), upon the initiative and under the direction of Dr. Francine Robinson, an ICA volunteer.

This project provides cancer patients with free beauty care treatments, hairstyling and tips on how to cope with the changes that their bodies undergo during cancer treatments.

The project aims to lift patients' spirits as they contend with the disease, to help them look good, and as a result, feel better about themselves.

Mr. Avi Malka and Mr. Dudi Malka contacted the ICA, with an idea for a significant initiative, and asked to produce a clip based on the "Look Good - Feel Better" project, documenting the surprise hairstyling, application of make-up and wardrobe fitting for cancer patients, to put a smile on their faces and boost morale.

All those who took part in the production of this clip volunteered their services with sensitivity and dedication that are to be commended.

Hairstyling - Mr. Avi Malka and the hairstyling salon staff, wigs - Mrs. Rivka Zehavi and Mr. Amir Zehavi, Photographer - Mr. Alon Shafransky, Styling - Mrs. Mazal Hasson, Clip editing - Mr. Nimrod Peled, Make-up - M. Tal Peleg, Mrs. Sonia Safdel and Mr. Dudi Malka.

A special thank you goes to Mrs. Hana Gertler, Rami from Goya, Dr. Francine Robinson and all the wonderful participants without whom the project would not have been launched: Michal, Brenda, Bat Sheva, Keren, Maya, Mili, Ella, Sima, Neta, Osnat, Yifat, Yael, Yardena, Hana, Michal, Idit and Orit .


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ICA Look Good - Feel Better Project