ICA organized "Streetball 2014: Play and Contribute to the Fight against Cancer" on Friday, May 23, 2014


The Minister of Culture and Sports, Mrs. Limor Livnat, the Mayor of Herzliya, Mr. Moshe Fadlon, and the Israel Cancer Association Director General, Mrs. Miri Ziv, opened the annual streetball game "Play and contribute to the fight against cancer".


In the spirit of the Euroleague Championship, and with national pride reaching its peak, hundreds of people came to watch the exhibition game and routed for the players.


Mr. Amiram Tuvim was crowned outstanding player and also celebrated his birthday.


מירי זיו ולימור לבנת




















Pictured: Mrs. Limor Livnat Minister of Culture and Sports, Mr. Moshe Fadlon, Mayor of Herzliya, and Mrs. Miri Ziv, Israel Cancer Association Director General.


Big-Bullet-SQR.gif Celebrities who arrived at the game - the Yellow Team vs. the Blue Team - Among the participants: Mr. Ben-El Tavori, Mr. Shimi Attias, Mr. Jacky Menahem, Mr. Itzik Pinto, Mr. Ofer Talker, Mr. Yariv Nati, Mr. Israel Azulai, Mr. Amiram Tuvim, Mr. Jeffrey Yishai, Mr. Akiva Shmueli, Mr. Uri Hizkiya, Mr. Amir Goldberg, Mr. Zachi Noy, Mr. David Haim, Mr. Asaf Dotan, Mrs. Keren De-Via, and others.


ICA Streetball 2014















The participants put a great deal of effort and creativity into the game.


ICA Streetball 2014





















Pictured: Mr. Uri Hizkiya focusing on shooting a basket


ICA Streetball 2014


Pictured: Mr. Asaf Dotan (Dating in the Dark reality TV show)


ICA Streetball 2014


And this is also a way of blocking opponents from scoring shots


ICA Streetball 2014 


Pictured, left - Mr. Asaf Dotan (Dating in the Dark), Mr. Ben-El Tavori (Goal Star) and Mr. Yariv Nati (Winning VIP Couple)


Keren, Asaf Dotan's newly wedded wife, also arrived at the game and demonstrated impressive skills, apparently when you're the partner of a basketball coach, something rubs off on you.


ICA Streetball 2014


Pictured: Mrs. Keren De-Via - Dating in the Dark


The final score was 27:13 for the Blue Team.

Photos courtesy of: Mr. Amos Ben Yaakov