Greg's Café opens its heart to the ICA and will show its support with a special fundraising initiative at various locations


Greg's Café chain is currently launching a unique fundraising initiative to give back to the community at 22 of its locations spanning across Israel, from the north to the south.  As part of this initiative, the restaurant chain will donate proceeds to the Israel Cancer Association (ICA), which aims at reducing cancer incidence and mortality in Israel.

In June, stands will be placed in the coffee chain's various locations displaying unique silicone bracelets in a grey hue, which the restaurant waiting staff will also be wearing.  The waiters will offer customers a wristband for NIS 5.  The proceeds from the sale of these bracelets will be entirely dedicated to the ICA.  

Mr. Yair Malka, CEO of Greg's Café chain: "Greg's Café chain is delighted to donate to the Israel Cancer Association, and has enlisted its resources, employees and customers to support this noble cause, in a display of goodwill, to support ICA activities that enhance the wellbeing of patients, survivors and the general population".

Mrs. Miri Ziv, ICA Director General, thanked Greg's Café chain: "Greg's Café chain has launched a noteworthy initiative, and we thank the chain for its generous contribution to the ICA.  The ICA endeavors to raise awareness about prevention and detection; these efforts have proven themselves over the years and have recorded impressive achievements.   Above all else, we must continue promoting the fight against cancer".

The ICA is Israel's leading volunteer organization in the fight against cancer; its activity is made possible through public donations and is strictly independent of government funding.  ICA's local activity and its proud record of achievement in the diverse areas which it has helped to promote, have earned the organization widespread public recognition, at the national and global level, as a spearhead in the fight against cancer in Israel. 

The fundraising initiative will be held at 22 Greg's Café locations throughout the country, from mid-June until the bracelet inventory is cleared.  

Big-Bullet-SQR.gif The following Greg's Café locations will be selling bracelets to contribute to ICA:

bul3 Rehovot bul3 Dizengoff Center bul3 Hadar Mall, Jerusalem bul3 Malcha Mall, Jerusalem bul3 Modiin bul3 Avnet Mall Petach Tikva (Hakanyon Hagadol) bul3 Tzomet Bilu Shopping Center bul3 Hashdera Hashviit Shopping Center, Beer Sheva bul3 Grand Canyon Mall, Beer Sheva bul3 Grand Canyon Mall, Haifa bul3 Shderot Moria, Haifa bul3 Horev Shopping Center, Haifa bul3 Lev Hamifratz Mall, Haifa bul3 Nahariya bul3 Big Fashion Nazareth Shopping Center bul3 Sharonim Mall, Hod Hasharon bul3 Gan Ha'ir Shopping Mall, Tel Aviv bul3 Givatayim Mall.