ICA Dimona Branch organized a Day of Fun and a jewelry making course for cancer patients


The ICA's Branch in Dimona, headed by Chairman Avraham Azarzar,
organized a Day of Fun in Tel Aviv for a group of female cancer patients.


The group of patients participated in a jewelry making course, led on a volunteer basis by Mrs. Yifat Ziv and the team of "Haruz Shekaze" (an arts and crafts supply store). Each patient created a piece of jewelry to take home and was awarded a certificate.  The group took a tour of Tel Aviv in a vehicle that was donated by the Municipality of Dimona, and thoroughly enjoyed a respite from the disease and its treatments and had a lovely mellow time together.

Activity of ICA Dimona Branch


According to Rachel, who participated in the Day of Fun, "yesterday I was at the hospital undergoing a difficult treatment, and today I was able to get out of bed and go out, thanks to this wonderful activity and the warm welcome that I received from everyone".  

Activity of the ICA Branch in Dimona