ICA organized a fun-filled activty for the "Young Adults Embarking on Life" support group


"Bratman Ranch", located at Moshav Beit Yehoshua, hosted the Israel Cancer Association (ICA) "Young Adults" Group on Friday, July 4, 2014.


The activity encompassed an educational session on the communication between the horse and human, working with horses from the ground up: horsemanship which includes leading and brushing them, gaining proficiency in horseback riding and riding rhythms. 



The hospitality offered at this ranch was part of the ICA "Young Adults Embarking on Life" support group activity. This initiative is geared towards single 20- and 30-something cancer survivors who were confronted with the disease as they embarked on a new independent life. The main aim of this unique project is to provide a supportive social setting for these young people.