The ICA London Friends organize a successful Luncheon for lung cancer research


The London Friends of ICA, headed by the dedicated Mrs. Vered Aaron and her devoted Committee members, organized a luncheon which was hosted at the home of the Israeli Ambassador in London, Mr. Taub and his wife Mrs. Taub. Mrs. Taub opened her heart to the fight against cancer, which was very much appreciated.

ICA Friends London Luncheon

Mrs. Phyllis Glazer, Mrs. Zehava Taub and Mrs. Vered Aaron

The cooking event was led by Mrs. Phyllis Glazer, known as "the guru of healthy cooking", who introduced Israelis to delicious vegetarian cuisine and helped promote nation-wide healthy eating awareness. Based on many new research studies, it has been proven that a healthy lifestyle, which encompasses balanced nutrition, physical activity and avoiding obesity, plays a pivotal role in reducing the risk of cancer.

Mrs. Glazer's cooking demonstration and explanation captivated the audience, making it a memorable experience. She not only gave the guests interesting and useful cooking tips, but she also helped them understand the major benefits of healthy ingredients and cooking techniques.

Following her demonstration the guests enjoyed the delicious and healthy lunch served to them.

Sufficient funds were raised during the event to finance an entire fellowship for lung cancer research on "Deciphering the mechanistic roles of Vav1 using in-vivo models of human lung cancer" led by Professor Shulamit Katzav-Shapira of the Hebrew University.