The ICA organized a very successfull Family Vacation for young cancer patients and their families


This year over 80 families participated in the Family Vacation at Kibbutz Shefayim.  In keeping with tradition, the children and families enjoyed a wide variety of fun-filled activities including: arts and crafts workshops, as well as a playdough workshop and a lego model workshop.


ICA Family Vacation 2014














Other attractions included computer and game stations, inflatable bounce houses and water slides, musical activity with Benny Tzadok, activities with "Shlumpi the Clown", a laughter yoga workshop with Serur Halabi, a magnet photo station and moving performances delivered by Reshut Hamisim band and 5 Rock Servers band, who performed on a volunteer basis for the children. Young talents from among the Vacation participants also delivered vocal performances.


ICA Family Vacations 2014




















An indulging activity was also held for mothers: "Good Morning Mom" which encompassed a make-up workshop for mothers courtesy of Estée Lauder, haircuts and hair care courtesy of Rivka Zahavi Wigs.


ICA Family Vacations 2014














The diverse and enjoyable activities were held on a non-stop basis throughout the Vacation, accompanied by Social Worker Mrs. Orit Spira, Director of the Rehabilitation and Welfare Department, and Mrs. Michal Kahalani who is the ICA Children's Projects Coordinator.

ICA Family Vacations